Family Empowerment Center

Breaking Ground 2023

Magdalena House is taking the first step in ultimately doubling its capacity to address the needs of the San Antonio community. The Family Empowerment Center will provide a welcoming space for families where they can focus on intentional growth, strengthening family, and building community.



6,830 square foot facility.

Capacity to serve twice as many Domestic Violence (DV) survivor families.

Expanded and enhanced space to provide on-site trauma-informed counseling and programming.


Availability of a variety of therapy modalities, providing mothers and children choice to select therapies that best meet their needs.

Rooms specifically designed for play, art and music therapy, traditional counseling, parental coaching, physical exercise and individual client meetings with program staff.

Dual Generational Supports

Opportunity to expand and enhance current supports for children.

Dedicated space for weekly children's Enrichment programming, school-age peer support groups, and parenting education.


Space to bring all families together to foster stronger supportive relationships for mothers and children.

Configurations for community meals for 75+, special events, and impromptu gatherings.

The kitchen can be used to prepare meals for the whole community.

Open areas both inside and out for trauma informed yoga, group music therapies, dramatic play, and other somatic and expressive interventions.


Safe exercise space to improve physical wellbeing.

Fewer barriers for receiving services, as providers come on-site.

Naming Opportunities
There are several naming opportunities still available for our Family Empowerment Center:

Family Empowerment Center                $500,000

Welcoming Center                                  $250,000 

Gathering Space         FUNDED


Kitchen          FUNDED                          $100,000

Living/Dining           FUNDED                    $100,000

Wraparound Porch       FUNDED              $100,000

Art Therapy + Equipment                        $50,000

Music Therapy + Equipment                  $50,000

Play Therapy + Equipment                      $50,000

Resident's Gym                                          $50,000

Parenting Room                                              $25,000

Counseling Room                                      $25,000



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