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Magdalena House Volunteer Work Team Keller Williams

Every year hundreds of volunteers make the mission of Magdalena House possible.  Through our volunteers, Magdalena House families understand the power of love!

Opportunities range from childcare to lawn care, repair work to event work, play days to paint days.  We also treasure volunteers with professional skills who provide work such as accounting and legal services, medical and dental care, graphic design, architectural and engineering services


Tuesday Evening 

Every Tuesday, the families of Magdalena House participate in peer Enrichment groups. 

  • Child Care Volunteer 6:15 pm-7:45 pm (greatest need!) - Tuesday

    Volunteers work as a team and have the opportunity to rock babies, lead story time and crafts, or play outdoors. Volunteer one time a month or as needed.

  • Children’s Enrichment Leaders 6:15 pm-7:45 pm - Tuesday

    Children 5 or older participate in the Kids Connection Too, a curriculum for children living in shelters. Volunteers must attend a one-day training to become leaders. Volunteer one time a month or as needed.

  • Adult Enrichment Leaders 6:15 pm-7:45 pm - Tuesday

    Volunteers with specialized skills and training lead peer enrichment programs for the mothers. Enrichment and wellness topics are approved by our Program Director and vary from 1-4 sessions. We also have a need for classes which support physical wellness.

Wednesday Evening 

Once a month, we have a Family Meal where we come together to enjoy a meal and celebrate all of the birthdays for that month.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

  • Occasional Babysitter

    Watch children during the evening, on a weekday, or weekend day when one-time events arise - times and frequencies vary. Babysitters would not be alone; Magdalena House staff are always on-site.

  • Office Support - occasional

    Help us collate our major mailings on an occasional basis or help us tackle other office/comupter tasks.

  • Gala Support

    Our biggest fundraiser takes place every September. Volunteer to assist the day or evening of the gala, or, if you want to commit to more, join one of our gala committees!

  • Social Media Support

    Join a cadre of people who can mobilize to share targeted Facebook posts! We also seek those with expertise in reaching out through other social media initiatives.

  • Academic Tutor

    Periodically, our residents can benefit from extra support, either with an academic subject or with developing English language skills.

  • Driver

    Periodically, our residents need transportation to locations they cannot reach by bus. Times and frequencies vary. We seek individuals interested in being on our driver email/call list. Additional screening required.

  • Host a Drive

    Host a drive or collection of items on behalf of our families. Please check with us at or visit our wish list for current needs. Gift cards for Walmart, HEB, or Target in small denominations ($10, $25) ALWAYS welcome.

  • Service Project

    Work teams are needed to perform house repairs, tree trimming, painting, gardening, hauling heavy items and yard work. Eagle Scout or Girl Scout Gold Award projects also welcome.

  • Moms' Night/Afternoon Out

    Provide an opportunity for our mothers to have a much needed mommy renewal time by providing activities for the children while moms experience a fun-filled activity together. 4 hours on a weekend afternoon or evening.

  • Half Day Skill Teaching

    We offer "dwell being" classes twice a year to help prepare mothers for independent living. Topics can range from understanding insurance to basic car mechanics to CPR. Let us know your skills!

All recurring volunteers, on-site volunteers and volunteers with client interaction must complete a Volunteer Application and permit us to run a background check. Group work teams need not complete individual volunteer applications, but can complete the group volunteer application instead.

We may not have immediate opportunities, but we would love to add your contact information to our volunteer list for when these occasions arise. 

Please complete the Volunteer form below.  You may either complete online or print out to complete and return to Magdalena House at P.O. Box 692041, San Antonio, TX 78269 or at