Creating a Lasting Impact Through Your Legacy Gifts



Creating a Lasting Impact Through Your Legacy Gifts to Magdalena House

Supporting Magdalena House through planned giving can be a meaningful and enduring choice. Legacy gifts go on far beyond a donor's lifetime and make a sustainable impact on the mothers and children served in many ways:

1. Sustainable Support for Vulnerable Populations:

Magdalena House is dedicated to providing a safe haven for mothers and their children who have experienced domestic violence, trafficking, and other dangerous situations. By setting up a legacy gift, individuals contribute to the sustainability of Magdalena House's vital programs. Planned giving ensures a long-term source of support, allowing the organization to plan and implement initiatives that empower women and children to break the cycle of violence and build better futures.

2. Honoring Personal Values:

Dedicate your efforts in a lasting way by supporting a mission that reflects shared values. Whether motivated by a commitment to end domestic violence, support women's empowerment, or a desire to support families overcoming adversity, establishing a legacy gift allows donors to align their personal values with a cause that matters deeply to them. It becomes a tangible expression of their commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of others.

3. Ensuring a Lasting Impact:

A legacy gift is a way to ensure that your commitment to Magdalena House endures beyond your lifetime. This type of giving provides a sense of continuity, allowing donors to play a role in shaping the future of the organization. By contributing to the long-term financial health of Magdalena House, individuals become part of a legacy that extends far into the future, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of countless women and children.

4. Potential Tax Benefits:

Legacy gifts can also offer financial advantages for donors. Depending on the local tax laws, individuals may receive tax benefits for their planned giving. This can include reductions in estate taxes, income tax deductions, or other financial incentives. Consulting with financial and legal professionals can help donors maximize the impact of their contribution while navigating the complexities of tax regulations.

5. Personalizing the Legacy:

Magdalena House recognizes and honors the generosity of legacy donors. Donors have the opportunity to personalize their legacy by specifying how their gift will be used, whether it's directed toward a particular program, facility improvement, or an aspect of the organization that resonates with them. This level of personalization ensures that the donor's legacy is uniquely intertwined with the growth and success of Magdalena House.

Magdalena House stands as a beacon of hope, and through legacy gifts, individuals can help ensure that its light continues to shine brightly for generations to come.