"I was given the opportunity to go back to school and have a safe environment for my children and myself. While living at Magdalena House, we received so much encouragement, guidance, support and education, but above all, we were loved. Magdalena House gave us hope, dreams, respect and helped me find my voice. . . . it made me feel that I am a child of God."

Listen to a former resident share her own story.



What Past Residents Say about Magdalena House

“Magdalena House is not just a place; it is my sanctuary, my harbor of peace in the storm. I have support from staff who have always met me where I am and helped me establish goals that are within my reach, rather than setting me up to fail."

"Magdalena House did not give me just a place to live and grow, but also a place for my children to call home. Magdalena House offers the safety they need to grow up. A place to make friends and have a new family. People that they can rely on and who give them lots of love."

“This journey (at Magdalena House) has helped me to heal emotionally and learn to walk tall and forgive. This has made me a stronger and more open person.”

“Without the Magdalena House, my baby and I would be on the streets; we would be nowhere. Now that I have been accepted into the Magdalena House, I am completing high school and getting my diploma. I can even go to college. I have a favorite quote, ‘Why tell me the sky is the limit, when there are footprints on the moon.’ With Magdalena House, I can now reach for the moon.”

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