Tatiana came to Magdalena House from an emotionally abusive and isolating relationship.  Now that she has been at Magdalena House for a year, she reflects on the difference that year has made:

“I moved here lost. At Magdalena House, I have improved a lot. I found myself."

"Who I am -- like I was before I got married. Before I married, my life was freedom. In my family every person loved me so much. They gave me all opportunities and what I needed. Like Magdalena House is doing now.  Magdalena House is giving me the chance to study and is providing shelter and support to take care of my family.  With my study, my intelligence and hard work, I am back to who I was. I think I got back my life.  Now I get my freedom."

"At Magdalena House. I am learning many things, including speaking English and American culture.   I am gaining confidence.  I can focus. I like to be a good mother, a good religious person."

"My children are happy here.  I can give them what they need.  They love to play outside – they can play freely.  We have been able to go to the beach and the zoo, it’s neat.  My kids like the weekly volunteers who come to play with them.  I am fulfilled as a mother, I can give them joy."

"The best thing about Magdalena House is safety.  And the beautiful house."

"My dream is to finish my studies.  If I do hard work and if I keep trying I’ll get a diploma and a job, and my own house.  I will be able to take care of myself and my children myself … in this I have confidence.  I think my present work will be for me the key to my success one day."


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