San Antonio Woman Magazine Shines Spotlight on Magdalena House

Read the inspiring article on the reflection of one of our residents and more about what we do and how we help the families in our community.

2023 Annual Impact Report

Our 2023 Impact Report is here, packed with stories of resilience and progress.

Creating a Lasting Impact Through Your Legacy Gifts

Supporting Magdalena House through planned giving can be a meaningful and enduring choice. Legacy gifts go on far beyond a donor's lifetime and make a sustainable impact on the mothers and children served in many ways.

Transformative Partnership with S.A. Woman Magazine

Embracing the power of collaboration for positive impact, Magdalena House, a community dedicated to empowering mothers and children in San Antonio, and San Antonio Woman Magazine, the city's oldest continually published magazine, have officially forged a partnership for 2024. This alliance aims to leverage the strengths of both entities to create a profound impact on the lives of those served by Magdalena House.

2023 Reflection - Empowered with Hope 

At Magdalena House, families begin the long journey toward healing and freedom. They experience safety and support, practice healthy relationships, and return to school. Mothers are , that same potent gift that Mary Magdalene received all those years ago. With hope, mothers and children set their eyes on a future of possibility and daringly make it a reality. As with Mary Magdalene, this hope is transformative and liberating. It is you, our faithful partners and supporters, who make the mission of Magdalena House possible.

Baptist Healthcare - Together for Good Podcast Episode feat. Magdalena House

In a compelling episode, the Baptist Healthcare "Together for Good" podcast features Magdalena House Executive Director, Becca McNitzky, spotlighting its impactful work empowering mothers and children in crisis. This collaborative effort emphasizes the crucial role of community support in creating a brighter future for families facing adversity. Tune in to witness the power of coming together for good and the transformative journey of hope Magdalena House provides.

Magdalena House Recognized by San Antonio Business Journal

The San Antonio Business Journal Nonprofit Corporate Philanthropy Award recognizes organizations that have gone above and beyond in making a positive impact on their communities. Magdalena House's remarkable achievement stands as a beacon of inspiration for nonprofits, showcasing the profound difference that can be made through dedicated philanthropic endeavors.

Magdalena House Great Day SA Feature 

Our recent feature on Great Day SA showcased the heartwarming stories of mothers who, against all odds, found Magdalena House to be the turning point in their lives. Through interviews and touching narratives, viewers were given a glimpse into the transformative impact of our organization.

S.A. Express News Article: Magdalena House Founder's Retirement Unveils a New Chapter

In a significant moment reported by the SA Express News, the founder of Magdalena House steps into retirement, passing the torch to a dedicated colleague. The article celebrates the founder's impactful legacy of providing refuge for women escaping abuse. While one advocate bids farewell, another takes up the mission, ensuring Magdalena House remains a beacon of hope and empowerment for women in need.

Boerne Lifestyle Magazine Features Magdalena House

This year, consider gifts that go beyond material possessions – gifts that contribute to transforming lives and fostering hope. Magdalena House, a community dedicated to supporting mothers escaping dangerous and abusive situations, invites you to be a part of their mission through thoughtful year-end giving.

Grants Help Magdalena House Families Thrive

Magdalena House celebrates the transformative impact of recent grants, empowering families to overcome adversity. These funds strengthen educational initiatives, enhance support services, and build a foundation for independence. Through the generosity of grantors, Magdalena House witnesses stories of resilience and success, creating a grateful community. Join us in the journey of empowerment, where every grant contributes to building a future full of hope for families in need.

Denise Barker, the Visionary Behind Magdalena House and KENS5

Denise Barker, the visionary behind Magdalena House, a haven for women escaping abuse, including sex trafficking. In this featured article from KENS5, we celebrate Denise's unwavering commitment to empowering survivors and explore how her unique approach at Magdalena House is creating a lasting impact on the lives of women in San Antonio. 

University United Methodist Church (UUMC) Support for Magdalena House

In an article written by University United Methodist Church (UUMC), our hearts beat with compassion, illuminating the path for Magdalena House. This isn't just a story; it's a living testament to the transformative strength that blooms when a community unites with a shared purpose.

San Antonio Area Foundation Grant for Magdalena House

Magdalena House is thrilled to receive a grant from the Margorie N. Kaplan Children's Charity Fund and John L. Santikos Charitable Foundation of the San Antonio Area Foundation.

Tour Our New Homes

Step inside our beautifully designed homes that serve as more than just shelters. Experience the nurturing atmosphere carefully crafted to provide solace, encouragement, and a sense of belonging.

Magdalena House: The History, The Mission, The Future

From humble beginnings to a flourishing community-driven initiative, our Executive Director Denise Barker, explains what Magdalena House, who we serve, and future goals.

New Roads for Magdalena House

March 2017: We are paving the way to a brighter future, quite literally. Watch this video to see how it is done.

Magdalena House Spotlight– KSAT SA Live

November 2016: Learn about Magdalena House on the KSAT SA Live! news feature, as we meet one of our favorite and longest serving volunteers, Marla Svedeman!